The Perfect Addition to Your Establishment is Just a Click Away

Mini bowling is an incredibly fun and engaging activity that packs all the excitement of traditional bowling into a compact experience. It offers the perfect blend of friendly competition, skill, and laughter in a smaller, more approachable setting.

So what are you waiting for?

Make your establishment THE PLACE TO BE with your own Mini Bowling alley!

How Mini Bowling Can Improve Your Establishment:

  • Boost Morale: Elevate the spirits of your employees with an engaging and enjoyable activity that helps them unwind and recharge during breaks.
  • Foster Team Bonding: Encourage teamwork, healthy competition, and relationship-building among your colleagues, creating a more cohesive and motivated workforce.
  • Customized Solutions: Our Mini Bowling USA lanes can be tailored to match your workspace’s aesthetics and needs, seamlessly blending with your existing environment.
  • Networking Opportunities: Mini Bowling USA serves as a fantastic icebreaker during networking events, conferences, and workshops. It sparks conversations and connections among attendees, adding value to your corporate gatherings.

Lane Pricing Options:

  • 2 – $59,500 ($29,975 per lane)
  • 4 – $111,900 ($27,975 per lane)
  • 8 – $207,800 ($25,975 per lane)

Complete Configuration

What’s Included

Included in your standard 2-lane mini bowling package:

  • Two Lanes
  • 4 balls
  • Extra Pins
  • All the machinery
  • 42 inch LCD TV (1 per lane)
  • 21 inch touchscreen system
  • Sound system (with built-in lossless music)
  • Pinsetter
  • Ball Return
  • Lighting
  • Can be programmed to be coin operated or free

Mini Bowling Lane Sizes

Product Parameters

Minimum dimension and space requirements – 42′ x 9′ (per 2 lanes).

4 lanes parameters 

Maximum power: 4200W

Standby power: 800W


(width x depth x height):

223.2*473.2*105.1 in.

2 lanes parameters

Maximum Power: 2100W

Standby power: 400W


(width x depth x height):

104.3*473.2*105.1 in.

Optional upgrades:

  • Software and signage can be customized
  • Furniture
  • Modular panel wall and door
  • Sound-absorbing materials
  • Walls

Additional info:

  • Installation cost: $5000 for installation within 200 miles. Additional cost for travel beyond 200 miles.
  • Installation time: 3-5 days (depending on lane-count).
  • Delivery time: Approximately 90-days from order.

Product Composition

Pull rope type – bottle (pin) discharger

For recreational bowling alleys, the pull-cord pinning machine is a more
sensible choice than the traditional pinning machine.

Intelligent rope release

Intelligent rope release, no trouble of entanglement, 8 seconds to retract the bottle. You can throw the ball the moment you take the ball and turn around.

Ball supply structure

  • Graphite copper sleeve – no refueling, low wear zero-maintenance
  • Passive bearing integrated design, and imported bearings from Germany, smooth and durable for up to 10 years

Imported light eye

  • Induction components are purchased directly from Japanese/German manufacturers
  • Accurate and trouble-free counting

Innovation Everywhere

  • Pull rope with bearingcapacity > 500KG
  • Smack-resistant ABS ball bottle
  • High-density synthetic ball
  • Free replacement if broken
  • Polyurethane ball return port
  • It can be easily polished to bring out luster
  • High-density synthetic custom fairway boards
  • Customizable theme patterns